Friday, May 1, 2009


William Henry Fox Talbot is one of the pioneers and innovators of modern photography having photographed scenes across London. I look to him for inspiration!

Nelson’s Column under construction, Trafalgar Square, 1843 © William Henry Fox Talbot

During the 1840s, Talbot photographed many scenes in London. A monument to Admiral Lord Nelson was first suggested in 1805, the year of his death, but it was not completed until 1843. Talbot's photograph, taken from an upstairs window in Cockspur Street, shows Nelson's Column still surrounded by scaffolding.

I find the cycle of rebuild and decay and enticing one. This idea is often documented in urban landscape photography, it's very structural which I think can add to the composition. I also find it something we may habitually overlook whilst we go about our everyday life.

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